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Personalised medicine is revolutionising health today and playing a vital role in the future of the therapy of diseases, in which treatments will be individualised depending on our genetic information (DNA), personal medical history and family background. Bioinformatics is an essential discipline for assimilating this huge amount of information, not only genomic, but also transcriptomic, proteomic or metabolomic data, and turning this into biologically and clinically understandable information that can be made use of.

The main aim of the bioinformatics platform is to generate a cooperation environment within the CIBEREHD and to contribute to its six areas and research projects by providing support and getting involved in experimental design and data mining, for developing effective diagnostic tools based on personalised medicine. Our group has great experience in research which requires the latest computational techniques. We specifically develop and/or apply these I.T. programs in an appropriate and expert way. These tools include proper quality control and processing of data obtained, so that this can easily be interpreted by clinical staff.

Bioinformatics platform