Strategic Actions

Strategic Actions are intended to help our different groups get integrated in the CIBER scientific project, and include measures for encouraging quality research in relevant strategic matters with a transversal angle (including having experienced researchers join priority lines), implementing support programmes for young Chief Researchers and emerging groups, and promoting cooperative projects of the CIBER, very particularly the ones financed by the E.U. and similar. In previous years a programme for backing young researchers with its own financed projects was set up in order to foster the start of their research career and promote emerging groups. Strategic programme actions have also been implemented to foster cooperative projects between the groups in a programme. These actions had to be broken off, at least partly, due to the cutbacks in the budget. This year (2015) a new call has been opened again to finance strategic/mobilising actions in each of the Programmes, with the aim of financing 2-3 the first year, and with an increasing number of actions in following years.